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This Is What Is Possible (Part 3)

This commencement speech by Neil Gaiman about carving out a life of creativity is one of those things I’ve been meaning to watch for a long time, but never seemed to get around to. Which is why we need people who say, “Here! Look!” and send you the link. Thank you to author and illustrator Read More …

Embracing the Incomplete

Back when I was practicing law, I had a sign hanging in my office that said:¬†Perfectionism is an elegant defense against real life. I kept a separate note inside my desk that read: ¬†If I don’t win your case, I’ll eat a bug. I leave it to you to decide how those two things matched Read More …

Taking the Risk of Trying Something New

I recently discovered this wonderful website by artist and writer Stephen McCranie. You could spend hours clicking on every one of his comics/lessons. Here’s a good place to start, with his lesson on why we should be happy to make friends with failure.