Special Valentine to My Readers!

Women in Fantasy Storybundle

Happy Valentine’s Day, all! Here’s my gift to you.

Remember that WOMEN IN FANTASY story bundle I told you about a week or so ago? Ten great books for only $15 (although you’re welcome to pay more, if you’re so inclined, since some of the proceeds go to charity).

If you’ve already bought it, great! I have a special bonus gift for you. If you haven’t bought it yet, great! You still have time, and I have a special bonus gift for you once you do.

For the next 24 hours, if you send me an email on my contact page with your confirmation code for purchasing the bundle, I’ll let you pick any of my books to receive in ebook form FOR FREE. Yes, any of them. Even the PARALLELOGRAM Omnibus edition, which includes all 4 books in the series. Just pick your bonus book, tell me whether you want it in Kindle format or ePub for another type of device, and I’ll send you the book for free. How simple is that?

The story bundle is available for only a short time, and this bonus is available only through tomorrow. So hurry and treat yourself to enough reading material to get you through to spring!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!