For Those Of Us Who Think We Don’t Like Math

Math is on my mind lately as I wrap up the Parallelogram series. (Yes, Dear Readers, Book 4 is coming! There are just so many words.) I, like my main character Audie in the series, enjoy quantum physics but do not enjoy the math. Or, to put it less charitably, cannot do the math.

But I can’t help wondering if I would have had a completely different attitude toward math in school if I’d had a teacher like this. Or at least seen a demonstration like this. Because there’s no doubt Arthur Benjamin makes math FUN. (Although no matter how fun it is, I still think there’s no way mere mortals could do what he does.)


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    1. Hi, Jackie. There’s a long answer to this, but there’s also a short one: Fat Robin.

  1. I want to know the answer, I enjoyed so much your book that I’m doing a research paper about it and I need to know your inspiration for this book….

    1. That really is my answer! I was overweight in high school and college, and when I saw a photo in National Geographic magazine just like the photo Cat chooses in her science class, I got the idea for the whole book. I ended up doing the entire experiment just like Cat does–giving up caffeine, sugar, meat, dairy, processed foods, all of it–and it changed my life! When I finished the book I went back to caffeine and sugar (because both are necessary for writing books), but left out all the rest. Okay, except for processed foods, because I’m human and live in modern times. Good luck on your research paper!

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