A Few Strange Matters


Eight off-beat short stories:

  • A child has a mysterious knack for survival in "Brindle."
  • A woman suspects her neighbor of spying on her in "Flasher."
  • In "Nude, Smiling," a young woman creates a unique way to pay for law school.
  • In "A Skip of the Mind," a physicist must discover the secret to time travel if he wants to save his dying wife.
  • A teen girl understands the physics behind popularity in "The Girl Who Can Program High School."
  • A young woman wonders if sparing her child a life of torment is "A Kindness, Really."
  • The smart, studious sister is treated like the family misfit in "Two-Eyes."
  • A woman finally finds relief from a secret she's been carrying for years when someone reveals their own secret in "Thanks to the Perv in the Hardware Store."